LOB provide our clients with the best short and long term trading and technical analysis of charts in real time. Thanks to the wide range of trade types available you can manage any trading activities in a flexible way. As well as taking advantage of the great number of technical indicators and series of integrated tendencies that you have available to you, you can program your personal trading strategies in the LOB live trading desk. With the integrated software model’s simple and easy to use programming language you can generate your own personal, automated programming and trading systems, as well as special indicators.

LOB Trading Desk offers a robust range of features that enable users to execute trades on almost all devices available in the marketplace today. Rather than being limited to a desktop computer or a web browser, users can make trades on mobile devices and across different computer operating systems. This can make it easier for professionals to make trades while on the go, at work, or even while at the store.

We recognize that not all investors are the same. You may be a first time investor or a professional investor. You may be a social investor or an experienced asset manager. It makes perfect sense that no matter which category you are under, you are looking for a personalized solution – we couldn’t agree more. It’s because of this that we have different produts and solutions to match each and every type of investor, all you have to do is pick which product you want. Undecided, contact us now by mail, chat or phone and of our dedicated team will assist you straight away.

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