Is my money safe with LOB? How much deposit insurance on my offshore savings account does LOB provide?

Your offshore saving account deposit is insured with us. As a German bank, LOB is subject to deposit guarantee regulations under German law. Your deposits are covered up to EUR 100,000 per person by the German Banks’ Compensation Scheme (Entschädigungseinrichtung deutscher Banken GmbH, EdB).
We are also a member of the Deposit Protection Fund of the Association of German Banks (Einlagensicherungsfonds des Bundesverbandes deutscher Banken e.V.). By being a member of the Deposit Protection Fund, the deposit insurance provided increases to EUR 9,950,000 per client. Bearer bonds issued by the bank are not protected.

How often are account statements issued?

Statements for the Private Account are generally issued once a month. At the end of every quarter, you will regularly receive a statement of account. You can of course monitor your transactions at any time logging into your account.

How will I receive my account statements?

The statements will be delivered to your e-mail, where you can view them, download them, print or save them to your hard drive at any time.

How frequently do I receive account statements?

At the end of each calendar year, an annual account statement (which is also an official balance statement) will be sent to your email.

Is it possible to open a joint savings account?

Yes. Feel free to consult your portfolio manager.

Is there a minimum deposit amount for opening an Offshore Savings Account?

EUR 5,000

Is there a minimum investment amount for blue chip investment deposit accounts?

The minimum investment amount for BCI investment is EUR 5,000. The deposit will be transferred directly from your offshore savings account, so before applying to open a trade, please be sure that you have sufficient funds in your offshore savings account to cover the transfer.

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