Enjoy high competitive annual interest rate. GCI is an investment account that provides interest rates than regular investment accounts. These competitive rates allow you to maximize your earnings. Monitoring your placements is made easy via online account.


``Barrier-free banking facilities
Optimized web experience for bank account transactions
A strong commitment to provide a welcoming environment
Cash card recognized in over 75 countries
A commitment to make online and mobile banking easy for all of our customers to use
A dedicated Accessibility Banking Program Coordinator who can answer your questions``

Professional banking consultancy

Our bank consultants practice confidentiality, accountability and due diligence when it comes to handling our client's accounts


Our private bank has been cultivating the values of descent investment. Our customers have benefited from our attractive investment solutions for over the years.

Our Expertise
Provide a unique fundamental approach to investment and consistent source of wealth with high quality performance.
With years of experience in the fund business and assets under management of €291.2 billion as of 31st December 2016, Guide for direction lp limited is one of the leading fund companies in Luxembourg. We provide investment solutions for private and institutional clients.

Our Profile
As an asset management expert, Guide for direction lp limited’s objective is to increase investors’ assets and earn their trust. More than four million customers trust us.
For private customers, we offer the right solution at every stage of our life- from simple fund savings plans to private retirement plans to our offers for a balanced asset structure.
Our success speaks for itself:
• With around 1.8 million contracts, we are the most successful provider of fund-based trading solutions in Europe.
• With around 1.5 million savings plans, our customers are continually expanding their assets.
• With a total assets of €124 billion as of December 31, 2016, Guide for direction lp limited is one of the largest fund providers in Europe.

Our philosophy

We have been the capital market experts on the financial and investment markets of the world. Our dealings with the assets entrusted to us form the basis for the trust of our customers in our competence. Three leading values shape our self-understanding.

Guide for direction lp limited offers solutions in a comprehensible manner. We work together with our partners on the basis of results. For only those who understand the other’s point of view are successful.

Guide for direction lp limited stands for professionalism: we place the highest demands on our performance.

For years, Guide for direction lp limited has been an expert on fund solutions. We offer our customers long-term oriented solutions.



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